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Creating an awesome profile is the first step to showcasing your work to the buyers. Convert your creative work into your online sales agent, show them what you’ve done and what awards you have won and what stories you have told through your creative work and the buyers will come flocking to you. Your Takerights portfolio is proof that you’re the real deal.

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We at have a listing page, where all the Content Owners/Sellers list their projects up for sale. Here You can choose what rights of your content you are looking to sell, maybe broadcasting rights, overseas rights, cable tv rights, publishing rights, or whatever you want to sell. Once your project is up for sale on the list, then it is visible to thousands of Acquirers/Buyers who browse the Project listing page everyday to find the next big thing. Select from the multiple bids you get from buyers on your listed project and then you can contact them personally, setup a meeting and sell your content at your own disclosure.

Bid on Buyer Requirements

Apart from letting you list you project in the project listing page, we at also have a Requirements page. Here in the requirements listings page, Acquirers/Buyers from around the world come and List their specific details of what kind of projects or rights they are looking to buy/acquire. So you can scroll through hundreds of such requirements and pitch on the one which you thinks perfectly matches your creative content. Once you pitch your content to the buyer, the buyer will then contact you for further details and meetings.

No hidden Commission and fees

The best part of coming to, is that it is an open platform unlike other marketplaces. Here once you get in contact with the buyer, you are free to exchange your contact details with your buyer and do the business outside, Takerights does not bound the buyer and seller to do business inside the website and hence does not ask for any commission or fees from the seller for any sale of rights that go through. You get 100 % of the money that you’ve earned by the sale of your rights, no questions asked!